• What is the difference between Teachingsontheroad.org and Workshop.teachingsontheroad.org?

Teachingsontheroad.org is then main platform for contacting and to follow the wonderful adventure around the world started by Leonardo. An experience full of learnings, growth and teachings. Workshop.Teachingsontheroad.org is the blog where all the activities around the world, guided by Leonardo, are announced. Also on this blog is the introductory clip and comments from participants who already did the workshops.

  • Why is there no link to the workshops (Life Teachings) at Teachingsontheroad.org?

The link is at the button of the menu site “What Do I Teach?”

  • What’s the language for the workshops?

English, Spanish or German.

  • How can I offer my house to host Leonardo?

To offer your place, just enter your information in the link bellow and we will contact you as fast as possible: http://teachingsontheroad.org/contact-me/. Thanks.

  • What do I need to do to organice a full workshop during 2 days in my house for my family and friends?

You need to contact us and together we will decide the best date for the workshop. Then we are going to create an invitation for your people. You need to have minimum six participants attending and registered at https://workshop.teachingsontheroad.org/r-s-v-p/ (unique link), accommodation and feeding for these days for Leonardo and at least 50% of the workshop for your group paid.

  • I would like to give my celebrated friend this workshop as gift, may we make it during the afternoon / evening?

Sure, we can make a shorter workshop at your friend’s house including the 3 levels, but emphasizing in “The Emotions – Emotional Cells” and “Midbrain (Pineal -Pituitary Center)”. Minimum 6 participants (U$ 20 per person).

  • Why are normally the workshops during the evening?

Usually people work during the week between 08.00 – 17.30 o’clock. This is the only reason. If you have got a group interested in a morning worship during the week, perfect, let’s do it in the morning.

  • Is it a workshop at a cafe the same as a workshop in the nature or a house?

At a cafe, we just create a conversation instance, where we talk about some topics from the workshops, but we don’t enter in a deep conversation.

  • What is the price for a workshop outside of the programmed (public workshops) by Teachings on the Road?

Teachings on the Road

– Hosting Leonardo (Teachings on the Road): Full workshop for all the family hosting Leonardo during 4 or more days. This is a free workshop divided in 3 days.

Life Teachings Workshop

– Afternoon at the Cafe (relax conversation 4 days before the workshop of the weekend): Free.
– Trekking “Nature and Soul” (full day connected to the nature, complete workshop): U$ 30 each participant.
– Life Teachings Meeting (full workshop during 2 days): U$ 20 each person, máx. 18 participants. Private activity: U$ 100 per person.

  • I would like to contact Leonardo, how can I do it?

In the following link you will find 3 ways to contact him: http://teachingsontheroad.org/contact-me/

  • I love your work for the humanity, how can I give you a hand?

Thanks for your kindness. There are many ways to support this wonderful initiative; we suggest you to follow the next link to know them one by one: http://teachingsontheroad.org/support-me/

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