Life Teachings Monitors Capacitation

Despego Consciente

On this site you will find all the details of our workshop for monitors. If you want to take the workshop, but not to be a monitor, then visit the following link:

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Life Teachings Monitors Capacitation

        • Intro
        • Description
        • Topics
        • Methodology
        • Why to be a monitor


Formation course for monitors and tutors of Life Teachings in Montreal, Canadá.

Research has proved that electro-magnetic pollution can inhibit the human body’s ability to synchronise with the Earth’s natural magnetic pulse, thereby throtteling Melatonin, a major cancer suppressant and cell-rejuvenating neuro- hormone produced in the brain (Pineal Gland). The practice of Earth Breathing can triple the size of our bio-electric field, in other words it will increase natural energy and stimulate the release of Endorphins and Melatonin (Pineal Gland).


With the intention to continue our work with the society around the globe and to sow our seed all over America -as we have been doing for years, starting in Chile, creating Despego Consciente– and before starting it next year in Europe, we decided to set Montreal as the main hub in North America.

For establishing this new workplace, we need the participation of those who will be the ambassadors of our valuable method of Internal Activation of the Pineal – Pituitary Center, Midbrain and Emotional Cells in North America; primarily Canada.


– Intro
– Personal development
– Personal experiences
– Working with groups
– People in the nature
– The cells and our connection with the nature
– Knowing and connectig with the emotions
– Emotional Cells, their relation with the somatizations and the reality we attract
– Identifying the emotions behind the diseases
– Pineal – Pituitary Center (complete info and activation)
– Midbrain (complete info and meditation)
– Modifying the DNA
– Mudras, sutras and mantras (information and excercises)
– Supporting tools and backup


It’s a three days theoric and experiential workshop. During this days we will discuss about technics, psychology, neuroscience, biology, ancient teachings and more. If the weather is compatible with our activity, we will have one day of workshop in the nature.

During the first day we will do many dynamic activities and we will know each other. The same day we realize big part of the “Life Teachings Workshop”, so the future monitors can experience a resume of the full workshop, to know how connect the information and to be part of a presential activity. At this point many answers are going to be answered, to go direct into personal experiences by the end of the day.

Second day is about theoric and experiencial activities.

Third day we go deep into meditations and supporting tools available for all of our team members.

If you can’t be physically at the location we meet, you can participate online. If you need to make the workshop again, repeat it as many times you want, always free.

Why to be a monitor?

Every monitor of our method, is authorized to facilitate valuable tools to the society. They may be activities in nature or enclosed places to diverse groups of people like: individuals, schools, colleges, universities, institutions, etc…

As support is of our team, website and hotline to communicate at any time in English, Spanish or German.

Our websites are available to promote official activities that each instructor may want to offer, having a completely open and free agenda. The monitor is listed also as official team member on our international site.

Each monitor has the right to be part of the organizing team and work at “Health & Wellness Carnival“, activity performed every two months in a park open to the community, in order to promote and facilitate the contact of the people with a healthy, abundant and holistic living.

Questions about this workshop?

Tel./Viber: + 1 (631) 352-2019
SMS: +1 (978) 699-7178
Skype: LeonardoKnop

T E A C H I N G S O N T H E R O A D . O R G

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