Despego Consciente

We invite you get on this site a global idea about our main activities. Once you are ready, come back to this point to see the datails of the activities below this paragrph:

If you want to see more activities, please check them here…

561751_495776483777549_1431456688_nVery often we feel that our life is a routine and constantly brings to us very similar experiences through the years. We may like some of these experiences more than others, but anyway, we are like a hamster running on the same wheel, living almost the same, year after year. Is there something wrong repeating the same all the lifelong? The answer should be a: “No”. But wouldn’t you like to try different experiences, decided by yourself, not by inertia? Sounds good, isn’t it?

546643_510226855665845_1726581735_nYou’re lucky, all the tools you need to make a big change in your life are available for you. You already have them! If you have them, but the results are still the same, is because all this knowledge (tools) are hidden or you have no idea how to use them.

388766_289048241117042_350597321_nIf you like the idea of driving your own life, this is the perfect workshop for you. Leonardo will transfer you three very important topics, that have been hidden for hundreds of years by this society. The techniques are about self-knowledge, self-control, so its very obvious why they weren’t teached; to have a better control over the masses. Every person without the most important teaching, is part of the masses.

401970_581528158535714_443589866_nOn this workshop, we are going to work and learn on a different way, not the one you learned before. We need a higher and wider perspective, this is super important to understand how everything is connected, reason why every little part is also EVERYTHING. Said this, you will see that this workshop contains many different, but connected topics (neurology, biology, numerology, math and languages, for you to have an idea of a fiew of them). The three mayor topics on this workshop are:

  • The Emotions
  1. emotional cells
  2. somatizations
  3. manifestations
  • Pineal – Pituitary Center (more about) and Midbrain
  1. introduction
  2. activation
  3. meeting the love
  4. contacting the Source
  5. regeneration and DNA
  • Decrees (our magic)
  1. cleaning up
  2. chi
  3. mudras, zutras, mantras (more…)

Our activities in detail


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